Welcome to WolfProgrammer.com. Here you will find a variety of topics including computer science, software development, technology, multimedia, love of the outdoors, lifestyle, and of course politics. I’m not your typical computer nerd that conforms to societal expectations; rather, think of me as a paradox of sorts.

If you have been here before, you might find a shift in the content type; this is the second iteration of the site. Previously, you would have found a very buttoned-up professional software blog. Now you will find a less confined site that mixes my professional and personal life.

Some days I will focus entirely on technology. I hold a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Computer Science and work professionally as a software engineer. Other days, I will go on rants on political topics where you will find that I don’t subscribe to any one political establishment. And then there will be days that are lighthearted and focus on anything from hiking to any random topic that you can think of.

I don’t expect that anyone will give two flying hoots what I have to say, but who knows. Maybe I will be able to help someone with a technical problem like so many other blogs have helped me. Or maybe I will inspire someone to go outside and fall in love with backpacking. Or maybe I can spark a political conversation that results in meaningful dialog rather than name calling.

Regardless of what becomes of this site, welcome. As all seasoned programmers know, you must first begin any project with writing a simple “Hello World”.

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    println("Hello, world!")

All opinions are strictly my own and do not represent the organizations that I am affiliated with.