helloWorld( )

As cliche as it is, all developers start out their learning endeavors with a quick HelloWorld(); this blog is no exception. Every successful developer I have met or gained insight from, has encouraged me or those in our profession to start writing a blog. I must freely admit from the onset that I do not particularly enjoy writing or receiving attention, and thus this blog pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

Hi, my name is Thomas Wolf, and I am a software developer in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have been programming since I purchased my first computer at the age of 12 (thanks paper route). Having access to a computer at such an influential age instilled in me a love for technology. Logically, I then proceeded to receive my bachelors of science degree in computer science. Immediately after graduating, I became a software developer at TJX for a company called Sierra Trading Post. In less than 3 short years of working at Sierra, I have become the lead mobile app and web API developer for the company. I primarily develop using C# and Xamarin.

My intention with this blog is to short circuit the learning process by sharing with others my mistakes and successes. As the old Latin proverb states, “Docendo discimus” meaning “by teaching, we learn.” While I am not, nor will I claim to be the supreme authority on any particular subject, I hope to contribute to the conversation. My goal is to foster a community with other developers and those considering the profession.